Search homes in St. George real estateWalk where giant beasts one roamed on St. George real estate. It’s easy to venture back into time when dinosaurs were living in St. George. The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site on Johnson Farm brilliantly displays the tracks of multiple species of dinosaurs that once inhabited the region. Tracks were captured in sandstone millions of years ago preserving them for generations to enjoy. Alongside the Dixie River most prints were secured while the beasts were hunting, eating, or drinking. Additional fossils uncovered include bones of aquatic animals, leaves, shells, and seeds creating a vision of a thriving ecosystem at work.

Displays and exhibits highlight the mystique of the Jurassic Period. Stroll the boardwalk of the indoor Lake Dixie Discovery Trail. Walk alongside dinosaur greats and marvel at the massive size of these humongous beasts. 1200 tracks of dinosaurs and other animals are displayed in this area. Claws are being compared on St. George real estate at the “Nature, Red In Tooth And Claw” space. A historic collaboration showcases various creatures and their natural weaponry. Examine the differences between the claws of today’s neighborhood Tom cat and the 3’ long ones belonging to a legendary dinosaur. Replicas of key species adeptly capture the dinosaur’s movements. Favorite recreations include a Megapnosaurus and juvenile Dilophosaurus. A special section of the museum is dedicated to rotating subjects important to paleontology. Past displays highlighted dinosaur eggs and how each prehistoric being received its scientific name.

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The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Preparation Site is a working zone. Experts can be seen cleaning and helping preserve fossils from the dig area and others in Southern Utah. The museum doors are open seven days a week. Dig into science with a visit. Be sure to stop in the Dinosaur Tracks Gift Shop where a variety of dinosaur memorabilia is sure to please.