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Sept. 29, 2017

Tips to be Considered by an Amateur Investor

Buying a home can be both formidable as well as exciting task. However, if you are a novice in real estate investment, it can seem to be more tedious. On the other hand, if you follow some of the crucial tips and take into consideration some of the important aspects, the investment can be an enjoyable task. Below are some of the tips that can save you from turning into bundle of nerves. Let’s have a look.

Extensive research

The first and foremost step to follow is to set yourself for an extensive research. This involves your large amount of time which is spent in searching for the prospective homes. Don’t fall for the very first property you see. Look for number of properties, weigh both pros and cons, and then compare the rates of each one of them. Consider both aesthetic as well as functional aspects.

Consider the total cost involved

Many people fail to consider the total cost involved in buying the home. In addition to the main cost, a buyer is also accountable for taxes and insurance of the new home. This may seems to be miscellaneous expenses, but it can cost you dearly.

Employ a real estate agent

Being an amateur, you might be unfamiliar with real estate market, its current trends and the prevailing laws. So, it makes good sense to employ a real estate agent. They are professionals who are equipped with suffice knowledge regarding financing, real estate trends, and buying and sales procedure. They will carry out negotiation on your behalf so that you don’t face tough time while making investment.

Create a checklist

Create a checklist of the things that you always wanted to be present in your dream home. Everytime you search for the home, the checklist will remind you to look for those things. Thus, you will stay on track.

Don’t get swept away by the homes with just its aesthetic appeal. Since, home buying is one of the largest investments of your lifetime, so before jumping into any final decision, take into deliberation the aforementioned tips.

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Sept. 23, 2017

Real Estate Investment: Factors you should consider as a newbie

Home buying can be an overwhelming task for the first time investors. Since they are new to this industry and do not have deeper insights into it, carrying forward this procedure for them can be difficult and puzzling. Real estate is riddled with various scenarios, some tough and some easy. But getting through it needs activeness, knowledge, patience and techniques.

Below mentioned are some important factors that one must consider before proceeding with home buying process. Read these points to avoid encountering any problems in future:

  • Location is the first thing that you should look up to. It does not only mean checking the neighborhood but also the surroundings in which you will have to live. Always go for a place that does not have much pollution, is clean and green.
  • Safety should be your next point of concern. Therefore, always ensure that whenever you plan to buy a property, you check that safety and security measures are present.
  • Facilities also have a vital role to play when you are looking for an ideal property to buy for your living. Do not forget to check them or ask about your agent regarding the same.
  • Future development is necessary. Development is one such concept which should not come to an end, rather should keep growing with passage of time. Your surroundings need to be changed time and again. Therefore, always keep in mind this factor before selecting a house for yourself and your family members.
  • Check the background of the property. There are times when people try to sell homes because they have a history. Thus, it is important that you check each and every aspect keenly to ensure that you are getting hooked up with the right decision.
  • You must consult a good real estate agent for your deals. Since he is well-versed with the marketplace, nobody except him can guide you in a better way. He is also of great help because home buying involves a lot of documentation.

Can’t wait to buy your house of dreams? Get in touch with us at Southern Utah Realty to execute your vision with full perfection and efficiency. For details give a call at 435-229-8297.

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Sept. 16, 2017

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent for a Successful Home Buying

Buying a home is both physically as well as mentally draining. It involves large sum of financial investment. There is no doubt in the fact that a home purchase is one of the biggest investments of your lifetime. You may end up using your entire savings. However, if you are a first time home buyer; you can’t carry out the real estate transactions all alone. Having a professional assistance matters a lot. The professional real estate agent plays an indispensable role in getting you the best property. They assure you a smooth closing thus making the whole process hassle-free. Here are some of the reasons that prove the aforementioned point.

Well informed regarding real estate market

A professional real estate agent is an erudite person who keeps himself well informed regarding the recent trends of real estate market. Whether you are involved in buying or selling, he provides you updated information regarding the market scenario. Depending upon your needs and requirements, he gets you in touch with different types of properties including condos, townhomes, apartment, villas, and many more.

An effective communication

Being in the hands of a reputed agent gives you peace of mind that you are in the safe hands. This attributes to communication trait present in them. They not only effectively transmit the information but also listens with due patience to understand their clients needs.

Reliable and punctual

When dealing in real estate market, you need someone on whom you can trust blindly. A reputed agent can be your confidant with whom you can address your concerns, needs, fears, and priorities. No matter what your budget is, they will get you the best falling within your needs.

Highly proficient to tap opportunities

Everyone desires a stress-free experience while buying a home. However, this may be next to impossible if you are novice in this field and carrying out everything all alone. The only way to avoid obstacles and get rid of challenges is by hiring a real estate agent. He is capable enough to recognize the challenges and turn it into significant opportunity.

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Sept. 9, 2017

Tips to prevent yourself getting trapped in real estate frauds

Owing a piece of property no matter it is for commercial or residential use is dream of every individual. Real estate is a lucrative arena for investors to make a profit. But sadly, there are vultures out there that are always on a hunt to prey on the innocent with things that sound good but are pure trouble. Undoubtedly, real estate investments are credited to be one of the best investments in the market that gives instant and long term benefits but inappropriate knowledge regarding real estate market can flip the entire profit to loss as well as worse investment experience overall. If you are new in this venture, it is best that you do proper and thorough research to carefully study the ins and outs of real estate industry before plunging into any decision or ventures. Here are few tips to prevent yourself from getting trapped in real estate frauds.

  • Ask for professional help from certified real estate agents who are highly trained and have substantial knowledge in this type of sector. You may also ask for referrals from trusted people, friends or colleagues who have actually experienced the services of such professionals. Only an agent who is legit and have legal qualifications can guide and help you throughout the duration of your ventures.
  • Stay wary of people who purchase a property with illegal proceedings and sell them to other people. On the face of it, the property might look legitimate to you, but only careful inspection and assessment can spell out the dirty secrets.
  • The most important way to avoid fraud is to know what the law says. You also have to do due diligence in updating yourself about the state of the real estate industry and improve on your level of understanding in the field. The knowledge that you gain can make you do away with suspicious and fake dealings.

If you are looking forward to buy your dream home in Southern Utah, we at Southern Utah Reality are available at your service to help you locate best home within your defined needs and pocket size. We respect your hard earned money and aim to make a trusted as well as transparent relationship with our clientele. To know more about us, ring us a call at 435-229-8297. It would be a pleasure serving you.

Sept. 2, 2017

Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Townhome

Are you looking to buy a home and at the same time don’t want to take stress of its maintenance? If yes, townhome is the ideal choice for you. It is a good financial investment and at the same time you have to abide by some community rules. Before you begin investing in these dwellings, you need to know everything related to it. Here are some of the questions that you should not miss to ask.

What type of role is played by home owners association?

Buying a townhome means you need to be a part of home owners association. It means you have to pay monthly fees and in lieu of that you will be offered services. It covers maintenance cost of the whole community as well as of amenities equipped inside. In spite of this, they are also responsible for formulating and maintaining the rules.

What type of amenities will be available?

You need to have an insight of the type of amenities that will be available in these communities. It can include-

  • Well-manicured lawns
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Fitness centers

You need to consider the presence of all these amenities to determine if it’s suits your desired lifestyle.

Who is responsible for repairs?

You need to ask who will be responsible for repairs if anything breaks down. Usually town home association has a reserve fund to take care of the townhomes. For any type of damage, they will be liable and thus will get the repair work done.

Know about living in privacy

Privacy is an important aspect that you need to enquire well in advance. Since townhome living means living in close contact with your neighbors, so there might arise doubt regarding privacy issue. With private patios, balconies, and yard spaces you can experience living in a quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Considering these guidelines will offer you ease in selecting town home. For professional assistance, get in touch with Southern Utah Realty. We are your trusted real estate agents who will help you get your dream home. For more detailed information, you can call us at 435-229-8297 or email us your queries.

Aug. 26, 2017

Mandatory questions to ask your real estate agent while buying a home

Whether you are a regular house hunter or purchasing one for the first time, there are certain points which you must always keep in mind in order to fetch advantageous deals and profits. Since real estate agents have a vital role to play during house buying, taking one into consideration with an aim to obtain success will turn out to be an ideal choice.

House buying can be a perplexing task if done alone. Since it is a legal procedure and involves a lot of time consuming jobs like researching, visiting and checking about the history of the property you are buying. Performing them all alone becomes too difficult.

There are a few questions which if you ask your real estate agent will help you in making your home buying easy and beneficial. Take a look at some of them:

  • Why is the owner trying to sell the property?
  • What facilities are present in the area/community?
  • For how long has the property been on the market?
  • What is the best part about this property?
  • Why should I buy it?
  • Is the price, genuine?
  • Are the neighbors good and friendly?
  • What are the basic amenities provided to people of this community?
  • When did this property get updated, last time?
  • How many times has the house been sold?
  • What other things are included in this sale?
  • Are there any known issues with the property?
  • Does this property have any title?
  • Does this house have any sort of a history?
  • Which way does the property face?

These are some essential questions that you must get answer for. These will not only help you in buying a great property but will also ensure that it is safe and worth living in. Looking for real estate properties in Southern Utah? Get in touch with us to get one as per your need and choice. For queries give a call at 435-229-8297. Our team is ready to help you in the best possible manner.

Aug. 19, 2017

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Commercial Real Estate

Are you buying commercial real estate for the first time? If yes, then you need to be quite cautious. If you want to be successful in real estate transactions, firstly you need to clear it in your mind why you need to buy commercial real estate. It can for investing, to use it for your business or to remain there as a home owner. Here is a list of some mistakes that you should avoid.

Doing all by yourself

Many people think that hiring a realtor is an additional expense. So, they end up carrying out whole task themselves. This is a probably a biggest mistake one makes. Hiring a commercial real estate agent will offer you assistance in purchasing, leasing, or renting the properties. He will make the whole process stress-free and burden less for you.

Don’t know what you want

If you don’t know which type of property you want, your search will be a lot time consuming. So, you need to clearly decide your both present and future needs so that you don’t have hard time in searching property of your desire. Know the type of amenities available. Remember, don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Lack of thorough assessment of the properties

Once your agent shortlist few properties of your choice, you need to go on a tour to those shortlisted ones and carefully assess if it meets your needs. Don’t forget to consider the crucial factors like price, size, location, and aesthetic aspect. Weigh the pros and cons and then finalize the one accordingly. Would it be worth to spend your hard earned dollars on the specific property?

Fail to consider future growth

One crucial aspect that is often over looked is the future growth. Is the property’s location good enough that its value would rise in future? This factor could impact your cash flow and return on investment.

Keeping these mistakes at bay will ensure success in your lifetime decision of investing in commercial real estate. Consider both long term as well as short term benefits.

For commercial real estate in Utah, get in touch with Southern Utah. We have experts to assist you throughout the buying process. For additional information, give us a call on 435-229-8297. You can even fill our online forms for free quotes.

Aug. 5, 2017

Hire Real Estate Agent Services for a Successful Investment

Investing in a property is a big decision. It involves meticulous planning, time and large amount of funds. To ensure that you make a right choice, you need to consult an expert real estate agent. He will make your whole process of buying or selling hassle free. Here are some of top reasons which make perfect sense to hire the services of a real estate agent.

Thorough knowledge of real estate market

The professional real estate agents have a thorough knowledge of real estate market. With their years of experience, they understand the crucial matters. Just because a property is available at reasonable rate, you can’t invest in it. It involves knowing about other aspects too which will influence the buying decision. Only an expert will help you get acquaint with all the related factors so as to inject rationality in your buying decision.

Greater property options

When you search property on your own, you might not get diversified options. But the agents are well-versed with different type of properties. He will get you the one falling within your desired location. They give you an access to price, features, and locations of different properties that meet your needs. After showing it in pictures, they even take you on tour to the short-listed properties.

Good communication skills

For buying or selling any real estate, you need to keep a constant touch with the current trends of real estate market. Being a novice, you may be unaware of the market. Hiring a real estate agent proves to be highly beneficial. He is not just a good speaker but a good listener too. He carefully listens to your needs, provides you even the little information and carries out negotiation on your behalf.

Handles time consuming task on your behalf

Agents give you an access to latest property listing even before they are advertised. This saves your time that would otherwise be incurred in searching the properties. He will handle marketing, carry out negotiation on your behalf, ensures smooth closing, and take care of legal aspects and paper work.

For real estate investment in Utah, get in touch with Southern Utah Realty. We are your trusted real estate agents who will make your investment worth the hundred and thousand of dollars spent. For any additional information, call us on 435-229-8297. For more queries, you can even fill our online reservation forms. You can be assured to satisfying experience.

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July 21, 2017

Top Tips to Find a Good Retirement Community

Retirement community is known to be a forever home of senior aged people. In this fast paced era, young generation doesn’t have time to take care of their elders. So, instead of leaving them alone at this feeble age, finding a retirement community for them is the best choice. It will offer them love, compassion, and care that they are worthy of. This is an important decision that needs to be taken after proper research and planning. Here are some of the tips that need to be considered.

Engage yourself in a thorough research

When looking for a good retirement community, you can ask your friends or acquaintances who are well acquainted with any such community. Listening their experiences will help you formulate an opinion about that community. You can even search online and search the one located in the desired area.

Get to know the amenities you will be offered

Make a list of all the amenities that you want to be present in a retirement community. It can be yoga centers, swimming pools, golf courses, fishing, parks, clubs, and a lot more. Enquire if the members are offered satisfactory medical assistance to ensure their health care and medical assistance. Make that the community meets all your needs.

Social life

Once you choose a retirement community, take a tour to it, and get a clear idea of their social life. Does it organize events, celebrate holidays, and take you on short trips? Have word of mouth with other seniors of that community and ask them their living experience. Are they happy and contented? Does it offer them homely feel? An affirmative answer to all these questions will give you an assurance regarding the community.

Quality of life

Looking forward to the future, one must not overlook the most important aspect that is quality of life. For a healthy state of mind and body, ensure that the staff is compassionate and courteous enough while dealing with the members. For longevity, ambience engulfed in positivity is a must.

The above discussed tips will aid you in choosing the best retirement community. For retirement communities in Utah, get in touch with Southern Utah. We will get you the best property falling within your needs and budget. For any additional information, call us at 435-229-8297. We will assist you in the best possible manner.

July 15, 2017

Points to keep in mind while finding a good realtor

To carry out a hassle-free deal, it is important to find a good realtor for your real estate transactions. You need to look for experienced professionals who are well versed with the entire market place. This will make your search process pretty easy and will also help in making good profits by selling off your properties at good rates.

Here are some points which you must keep in mind when selecting a realtor:


A person who has already worked with a realtor can give you the best guidance. You can ask him/her about the experience and also about the service to know whether it was satisfying or not. This will help you create a mind set as to what you must do next.

Online listings:

Almost every good realtor runs a website and blogs about helpful topics regularly. This is a sign that he is active and aims at providing excellent services to his/her clients. While browsing you can look for those agents which are settled in your area and are doing a great job, this will ease your search process.

Good communication:

Your realtor should have great communication skills. Not just this but they must also be quick and active when it comes to giving a response to their clients. Since these days everybody uses a smart phone, you can send an email to check how long they take to reply you. It is very important to be in touch with your agent so that you know what is going on in the buying selling process.

Fits your schedule:

In today’s time world where every second person is busy, it becomes very difficult for you to coordinate your schedule as per other’s time. Since buying selling is a crucial process, you have to take out some time for this tedious purpose. You need to look into the details and keep your realtor in touch for tracking the process. Therefore, select a realtor which can cooperate with your schedule and you can do the same.

If you are looking for a realtor with these above mentioned qualities, then get in touch with us at Southern Utah Realty. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling or buying a property, if you get hooked up with the right realtor profitable deals will be brought to you. Tell us about your needs and our team will help you in the best possible manner. To know more give us a call at 435-229-8297

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